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Discover Your Happiness With Us
25 January 2011
Dear Friends and Readers, To welcome you to join our membership programme, we are now giving away a free report about yourself, and how to find fulfillment and happiness in life base on your bazi. Ju... Read More
We are Live
20 January 2011 is now live!

Predicting the Mysterious Fog
2 June 2015
My first try of writing story… err… more like a re-writing a story. I actually read it a few times myself, and I like what I read so I guess I’ll be writing story more often from now on. Here … Continue reading
*Important Announcement: Public Apology*
14 March 2015
I need to announce something. I made a pretty big mistake– I accidentally included Dato’ Joey Yap’s copyrighted material on Qi Men Dun Jia into the notes that I’ve been selling. However, Dato’ Joey has been really gracious, and have … Continue reading
Drawing Your Marriage Canvas
19 June 2014
Share with you one of the article in June 2014 Issue of our BaziChic Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Digital Magazine. Usually, the Canvas is drawn for business and career purpose, however, in the June 2014 Issue I used the … Continue reading
Digi WWWOW Award 2014
27 April 2014
Dear Readers & Buddies, DIGI WWWOW AWARD Happy Day to you! Hope you can be gives me a hand and be my noblemen & noblewomen up to 31 May 2014. I need your help! Vote for me at Digi WWWOW … Continue reading
Teaching 八字 Bazi with a Purpose
22 March 2014
As always, I feel very excited when I want to start teaching another Bazi class. During the journey of learning Bazi, it has changed my life in many ways positively. I’m interested in the art of Bazi since young, because … Continue reading

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24 November 2017
6 December 2013

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