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About Us
BaZiChic is a Chinese Metaphysics consultancy, offering Feng Shui audit, BaZi consulting and Date Selection services. We aim to help you achieve a desirable life of happiness, pleasure, wealth and honour; in short, your eudaimon. We want to standby you in every stage of your life to offer assistance, comfort, advice and guidance, and work with you toward your goal. Your happiness and success is our priority.
About Us
Our experience team is dedicated to offering you professional yet personalised online consulting services:

BaZi "Live Chat"
No frill Feng Shui made easy
Date Selection for Business or Individual

We also provide on-site consultation service:

BaZi consulting for Business or Individual
FengShui audit for Home
FengShui audit for Office
FengShui audit for Corporate Head Office
FengShui audit for Commercial Property
FengShui Estate Design and Planning
Land Selection
Yin House Feng Shui Selection

You can make a selection from our range of online services without leaving the comfort of your home. We strive to bring a hassle-free, simple and effective service to you.

If you prefer a more conservative consultation, we will be happy to meet you on-site.
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