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BaZi is the ancient science of destiny analysis that translates the details of one’s birth – Year 年, Month 月, Day 日 and Hour 时 of birth – into four pairs of distinct Chinese Characters (called Jia Zi 甲字) governed by the five-element theory. This allows us to analyse one’s potential and sense of purpose in life in terms of important areas such as home, career – job and work –, studies, wealth, fame, recognition, status and power, family, friends, relationships, partnership, business and other important aspect of our lives.

BaZi analysis helps us learn much more about our nature and our life path. Knowing our own destiny map and our purpose of life help us to performance better in work, build a stronger relationships with others, improve our weaknesses, and maximise our talents and potentials. It gives us guidance and the fastest route of achieving a desirable life of happiness, pleasure, wealth and honour.

Understanding our BaZi helps us to deal with uncertainties in life. BaziChic Consultancy focuses on helping you find your purpose and happiness as you go through each stages of your life.

Types of Bazi Consultation Offered:
Bazi "Live Chat" – Have your questions, whether in career, business or relationship, answer immediately by our consultant.
Bazi Report with 30 minutes "Live Chat" – A Bazi Report will be send to you within a week, and follow-up with 30 minutes "Live Chat" arrange at your convenience.
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