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At BaZiChic, we take pride in creating a vibrant and dynamic Chinese Metaphysic consultants community that is fuel by insight and ingenuity.

A great Chinese Metaphysics consultant of extraordinary skills and knowledge can come from anywhere in the world, and it might just be you. We welcome all qualified consultants to join us. We offer in-house training for freshly qualified consultant, and external training to those who meet our requirement. We offer in-house training for anyone whose has a keen interest but without experience/qualification who can meet with our term and condition.

BaZiChic is committed to helping people find their happiness and life paths, as well as helping businesses to growth through the study and knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics. If you share our vision, BaZiChic is the place for you.

Discover what it's like to be a consultant with BaZiChic. Interested in being BaZiChic's area/country representative under our business partnership programme? Contact us for more information.

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