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People always say, "It is important to do things and says thing at the right time and at the right place."
Date Selection
This is what date selection is all about. Selecting a good date and the right time reduces the impact of existing problems already present in one’s BaZi chart. The right date will have a benevolent effect on a wedding, investment, buying a property, launching a business or a business project, or moving into a new home.
Date Selection
A good date is also a criterion in implementing FengShui solution. It is best to carry out important event like starting renovation to your home and ground-breaking for development on the right date to smoothen your undertakings.

Selecting an ideal date and time for a caesarean birth ensures a good BaZi chart that will enhance the good fortune of a child and its parents.

BaziChic Consultancy focuses on helping you selecting the right date and time to encourage success in your endeavours.

Types of Date Selection Offered:
Date Selection for Relationship matter such as marriage, marriage proposal, break-up and divorce.
Date Selection for Career matter such as start work, resign and interview.
Date Selection for Business matter such as business opening, launching a new project, asset acquisition, signing contract and business negotiation.
Date Selection for Health matter such as caesarean birth, seeking a minor medical treatment, operation and diet.
Date Selection for FengShui purpose such as ground-breaking and renovation.

If you have other important activity besides the list above that you wish us to select a date and time, please contact us for further details.
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