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Home is our haven. Nothing is more important than a peaceful and a happy home to live in. FengShui audit is a tool that helps us achieve a harmonious home that brings happiness, contentment, improves wellbeing and quality of life.

With our "No-frills FengShui made easy" that fits every budget, achieving the above is now possible for everyone.

What is "No-frills FengShui made easy"?

“No-frills FengShui made easy” is an online FengShui service that provides a full assessment of your home or annual assessment of your home or for pre-purchase of property selection.

If you are searching for a new home, you can even send three pre-selected home to us. We will help you to choose one with good FengShui that suit you.

The whole process of this service is very easy to implement. The process is as follow:
1. Record the cardinal direction that your home faces with a compass.
2. Take photos or video clips of your home's surrounding, i.e. front, back, left and right. Prepare the house plan.
3. Email the photos and cardinal direction, along with the house plan, the year the house was build and the house occupant’s date of birth to us.

We will email a report to you within a week, with recommendations on the necessary arrangements to enhance and balance the FengShui of your home.
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