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BaZi Consultation
1. What is BaZi?
2. Why would I seek a BaZi Destiny Consultation?
3. Can I change my destiny?
4. What is BaZi Destiny Consultation “Live Chat”?
5. BaZi Destiny Consultation “Live Chat” Process
6. How long are the additional time slots that I can purchase?
7. Can I buy additional time slots before BaZi “Live Chat” starts?
8. What is BaZi Report Consultation with “Live Chat”?
9. BaZi Report Consultation with “Live Chat” Process
FengShui Audit
1. What is FengShui?
2. Why would I seek a FengShui Audit?
3. What is No-Frill FengShui made easy?
4. No-Frill FengShui made easy Process
5. What other FengShui audit services do you provide beside the online service?
6. FengShui Audit On-site Process
Date Selection
1. What is Date Selection?
2. Why would I seek a Date Selection?
3. Date Selection Process
4. I cannot use the date selected. What can I do?
General Question
1. Can I choose a consultant for the service I buy?
2. What type of payment method is available?
3. Cannot find the information you need?
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