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Thanks for coming to the BaZiChic. My friends call me Jo I am a blogger, a Chinese Metaphysics' consultant and a lifelong learner.

My Story

A tiny seed of faith

In October 2008, I started my blog, Embrace Your Destiny; a natural course of event, given my interest and childhood hobby of Chinese Metaphysics, especially BaZi analyses.

Tiny Seed of Faith After formal training in BaZi just a few years back, I eagerly blogged my analyses and ideas. To my delight and surprise, I have met many like-minded individuals who have now become friends and readers of my blog.

While studying, I have noticed that although many of my friends and fellow classmates are talented and skillful in this subject, few take it up as a profession. It was during this time that the seed of building into a platform for services in Chinese Metaphysics’ consultation was planted.

A forest of wisdom

Forest of Wisdom
BaZiChic has grown from a blog to a website for professional consultants with high integrity, good work ethics, and a shared vision to offer their services. It is where consultants converge to share their knowledge and wisdom to help you.

BaZiChic's vision is to help you achieve a desirable life of happiness, pleasure, wealth and honour. We want to stand by you in every stage of your life, offering assistance, comfort, advice and guidance, and work with you toward your goals. Your happiness and success is our priority.

Like the nature of a forest that sustains many lives, BaZiChic believes that diversity in its community of consultants with different backgrounds and experiences can better understand, connect with, and help you – a unique individual, with different needs in the areas of business, career, wealth, health and relationship.

Nurturing growth

With a modest target of 50 consultants within year 2011, we provide continuous training to all our consultants, to keep them abreast with current information, so to serve you better.
Nurturing Growth
We plan to grow bigger with consultants from various part of the world, in different languages, to spread the knowledge and benefit of Chinese Metaphysics to everyone.'s soft-launch is on 20th January 2010.

The best is yet to come.
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